Everything That Upset the Internet This Week

What is the web-o-sphere angry about this week? A straight headliner at a Pride festival, a movie that’s been altered to have a happier ending, and a threat to the livelihood of Canadian comedians. Here’s everything you need to know:

Ariana Grande is Headlining Machester Pride Festival 

THE STORY: Ariana Grande announced earlier this week that she will be headlining Manchester’s 2019 Pride celebration. It will be the second time the “thank u, next” singer is performing in the city since the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, the first time being at Manchester One Love, the tribute concert she organized in honour of those affected by the attack.



RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: “I saw many people discussing this so i wanted to chime in,” the pop star tweeted, responding to a fan who wrote, “Idk …. ariana headlining pride when she’s straight (as far as we’re all aware) …. and doubling the price of tickets …. kinda smells like exploitation of the lgbt community to me …..”

Grande attached a screenshot from her Notes app, where she let her fans know that she has nothing to do with ticket pricing, but that she does have a very special relationship with the LGBTQ+ community. She also added that she wished to “celebrate and support” those celebrating price “regardless of my identity or how people label me.”

And you know what, I think that’s entirely fair. Ariana Grande seems to be finding herself on this list every week—it’s time to give the girl a break. Olly Alexander, the frontman of Years and Years, wrote his own note in response to the backlash. “I’d love to see more LGBT+ headliners across all bills, [but] the reality is line ups are a mix of artists depending on their availability and the need to sell tickets,” he wrote. “Pride’s [sic] normally raise money so they can put on their events and donate to various (usually local) causes.”

Addressing Grande’s headlining position specifically, Alexander—who starred in the 2017 documentary Growing Up Gay—said, “Ariana has shown more than most that she cares about us and loves Manchester,” he said. “Does that mean that we shouldn’t try harder to celebrate all the amazing queer talent? No!”


Netflix U.K. Changed the Ending of The Notebook 

THE STORY: It’s been 15 years since Nicole Sparks’ The Notebook became a blockbuster film, causing audiences to sob at the seemingly tragic yet entirely endearing end of the film. (Noah and Allie die together in their old age, cuddled up on a twin-size nursing home bed. I hope that’s not a spoiler.)

In the version of the film now available on Netflix U.K., the movie ends a little differently. The nurse’s discovery has been cut, and so it’s unclear whether or not the couple does indeed die together.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: I love Netflix’s sassy (and extremely responsive) social media accounts. Here’s how they responded:

Here in Canada, we have nothing to worry about: The Notebook that appears on your Netflix queue is identical to the one you saw in theatres all those years ago.

Just for Laughs Takes Over Canada Laughs Channel on XM Radio

THE STORY: This month, Just For Laughs—the company that holds the world’s largest international comedy festival in Montreal each year—took over the SiriusXM Station Canada Laughs, planning to change the name of the station to Just for Laughs Radio. They also planned to change the station programming, taking it from 100% CanCon to a mix of stand-up recorded at Just For Laughs festivals, events and galas.

Canada Laughs was a reliable source for Canadian comedians, with residuals from the station being funnelled directly into the hands of independent artists. Under the new Just For Laughs model, royalties would be funnelled into the hands of a monolithic company.


RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE RAGE: Late Wednesday evening, Just for Laughs gave in to the requests. It goes to show: if you rage on the internet, you can make a difference.

“We’ve listened carefully to the concerns of Canadian artists and regret the stress we have caused the comedy community,” said Just For Laughs president Bruce Hills in a press release. “We are invested in the growth of Canada’s comedy industry and are working to include even more Canadian talent in all our initiatives.”

The press release also explained that SiriusXM 168 will be called Just For Laughs Canada and showcase 100% purely Canadian content, with all content being produced by Canadian artists independent of the Just For Laughs catalogue. Under this new model, Canadian artists will be eligible for the same royalties as they were with the previous channel.



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