April Fools’ Day: Your ultimate guide to pranking by zodiac sign

It’s almost that time of year again—April Fools’ Day. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to have some appreciation for a day that manages to keep you on your toes, year after year. While most of us stop partaking in April Fools’ pranks at a young age, this year we’re suggesting you bring it back. (Maybe not at the expense of your boss, but your significant other or your BFF? Most definitely.) ICYMI, Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowndes clearly got the memo, just way too early.

So, not sure how to go about this? Pranking game feeling rusty? We’re here to help. We’ve curated the ultimate April Fools’ Day prank list, according to your zodiac sign—and which sign you should do each one to. You are very welcome.

Which prank you should do:
Anything with confetti or silly string. Aries are not ones for subtlety, so you’ll always be a kid at heart.
Who to prank: Virgo. The perfectionist of the zodiac will hate how messy this is.

Which prank you should do:
Cover someone’s desk/bed/chair in aluminum foil. You like shiny things, right Taurus? Well, your victim won’t.
Who to prank: Speaking of your victim, pull this one on Capricorn, who will most definitely be planning on working late and heading home from a long day hoping to go straight to bed.

Which prank you should do:
Geminis are the best liars of the zodiac, so you can pull off pretty much anything. Fake parking tickets, eviction notices; honestly, this is your day to shine, so whatever you pick, you’ll probably slay.
Who to prank: Leo. Their hot temper won’t faze you.

Which prank you should do:
Cover an onion with caramel and pretend it’s a candy apple. Now the victim of your horrendous prank will learn what it’s like to cry as much as you do, Cancer.
Who to prank: The toughest zodiac sign to crack: Taurus.

Which prank you should do:
Tape an airhorn wherever there’s a door-stopper to scare the shit out of everyone all day.
Who to prank: The sign that’s always like “SMH” at how loud you are—Libra.

Which prank you should do:
Turn back the clock by a few hours so your S/O wakes up way too early, goes to work before it opens, etc.
Who to prank: Aries, who are not morning people. At all.

Which prank you should do:
Time to get back at everyone who says you’re too nice. Fill your housemate’s blowdryer with flour. A seriously evil but classic April Fools’ Day prank.
Who to prank: Geminis are notorious for caring about their appearance and taking a long time to get ready, so this is sure to mess up their morning.

Which prank you should do:
Dab some red food dye on the inside of a water faucet so when your roommate/SO turn it on, blood appears to be pouring out. A trick as creepy as you are.
Who to prank: Cancer, so you can watch them cry.

Which prank you should do:
Cover someone’s car in plastic wrap. No prank is more annoying, and your sense of humour can sometimes be childish, so it works.
Who to prank: Aquarius. They’re short-tempered, so watching them unwrap their vehicle will be a delight.

Which prank you should do:
Replace the sugar with salt, fill a deodorant tube with cream cheese, and Oreos with mayo.
Who to prank: Pisces. But be warned that there will be tears, and they’ll hold a grudge for years.

Which prank you should do:
Leave cryptic notes around the office warning coworkers of an impending, terrifying prank — and then do nothing all day.
Who to prank: Sagittarius. The suspense will drive this impatient sign seriously insane.

which prank you should do:
The head-in-a-jar prank, so when your housemate opens the fridge, all they see is your face floating around in a massive jar. Classic.
Who to prank: Scorpio. It takes a weird, dark sign to fully appreciate this one.

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