Apple is Giving Us the Perfect Present for #WorldEmojiDay

Happy World Emoji Day! With emojis, saying what you mean without saying anything at all has never been easier. Isn’t it crazy to think that our communication was once reduced to a :), a :( and a :’)? It was soooo hard to express yourself pre-2011.

What we’re trying to say is that World Emoji Day is a holiday that’s too often overlooked, and too often under-celebrated. Except not this year. Since it’s ?  (get it?), Apple has shared some of the new emojis coming to its iOS, macOS and watchOS platforms in the near future.

The Apple God (Tim Cook) has gifted us with soon-to-be classics like the star-eye, exploding head and crazy face emoji, along with a vividly graphic vomit emoji.

New pictograms show that the emoji world is aiming to become more inclusive. Sneak peaks show a bearded person, a breastfeeding woman, a yogi and a woman in a hijab.

There’s also an inspiring selection of mythical creatures. Nobody asked for a mage, a fairy, a vampire, a merperson, an elf, a genie or a zombie emoji, but that doesn’t mean we won’t use them.

In summation, these emoji are good–really good. We don’t know for sure when we can start sending them to friends, but iPhone users will probably need to wait until iOS 11.1 or 11.2 is released in the fall. Until then, start brainstorming.