A Spice Girls musical is coming! We take you back to their heyday with the 10 most fashionable Spice Girls moments

Photography by Dave Hogan/Getty Images
Photography by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

By Paige Dzenis and Randi Bergman

Today something magical happened: the Spice Girls reunited to announce plans for an upcoming musical and girls everywhere were instantly sent back in time to 1997. Sadly, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Halliwell will not be performing on stage—the musical, called Viva Forever!, will take inspiration from their songs in a Mamma Mia-esque manner and explore the “bitter realities of fame” through the story of a girl on a reality TV contest. Despite claiming that it will not be a tribute show, we can pretty much guarantee than anyone who did a grade school lip synch to “Stop (Right Now)” will be buying tickets (and a flight to London) come December.

Oh, and if you were too excited to notice: the Spice Girls made the announcement on the steps where “Wannabe” was filmed. (!!!) There’s no halting this ’90s rabbit hole we’ve all fallen into, so let’s continue: here are our top 10 most fashionable Spice Girls moments.

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