A quick wardrobe change and Will and Kate are back on the scene—and Kate’s in a dress we’ve seen before

Photography by Tim Whitby/Getty Images
Photography by Tim Whitby/Getty Images

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Will and Kate made their third public appearance of the week this afternoon and, as promised, we have the scoop on what the darling duchess was wearing. The couple attended a reception at the Imperial War Museum and though it was only a few hours after their morning engagement, both were in entirely new outfits—Kate even changed her hair, pulling this morning’s loose style into a half updo. (Do you think she throws on sweatpants and chills out between engagements, or are laid-back moments reserved for, say, a quite anniversary weekend with her husband?)

As for the clothes, Kate was in a slate-grey dress by British designer Amanda Wakeley. It’s rumoured that she owns it in three colours—we already saw the cream-coloured one in September when Kate made an appearance at the Royal Marsden Hospital. The belt, however, is a stylish addition that certainly adds some edge (that is, as much edge as a royal can get away with) to an otherwise straightforward look. No word yet on who designed it, but the metallic detailing matched her gold Cassandra Goad girandole earrings perfectly.

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