5 Tips for a Fabulous Party

For festive entertaining, here’s some advice from the pros:

1. Have fun with your decor

Unexpected elements will make an impression. Paint birchbark gold or silver. Pair metallic surfaces with soft textures. Mix gold and silver. “It’s fine, just use metallic with the same surface finish, such as brushed silver with brushed gold.” – Alison Slight, party planner

2. Have extras on hand

The most common mistake hosts make when entertaining? Running out of things. Always have a little extra of everything on hand. What should you never run out of? Ice. Using large ice blocks or ice spheres keep cocktails chilled longer and won’t dilute the drink. – Kevin Brownlee, bar manager, AnnaLena in Vancouver

3. Keep it fresh

Consolidate food platters as things disappear so that food never looks scarce. And refrain from putting too much out at any one time. Food that languishes loses its appeal. – Vittorio Colacitti, chef and owner, Good Son, Toronto

4. How to shuck like a pro

Scrub grit from oysters and rinse. Holding the oyster with the hinge in the palm of your gloved hand, carefully insert a knife into the small cavity at the curved end. Use a gentle twisting motion to pop shells apart and run the blade along the top shell to fully separate them. Remember not to tip the shell or the delicious juices inside will run out. Place the oysters on a bed of ice and serve – Kevin Brownlee

5. Have fun yourself

People will always feel more confident when they are having a good time. They’ll never know if something isn’t going quite as you planned if you’re calm and composed – Alison Slight


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