17 things that will make your snow day even better (Especially if you’re still at work)

Image courtesy Lainey Gossip

We don’t want to call it a Snowmageddon, but we did have to wear over-the-knee boots just to make it into work this morning. While most of Southern Ontario and New York is covered in up to 25 centimetres of snow (that’s almost 10 inches, for our American friends) we’re not going to let this almost-blizzard bring us down. Whether you’re at the office or cuddled under your duvet, everyone deserves a few diversions on a snow day. As such, here are 17 things we’ve been enjoying online that will make your snow day more stylish, hilarious, and overall, just better.

Image courtesy Lainey Gossip
17. Blair Waldorf is dating Seth Cohen, there is basically nothing better than that [Lainey Gossip]

Photography by stevecadman/Flickr
16. Dance the snow day away to this playlist of Pitchfork’s best songs from the 1960s, which includes everyone from Otis Redding to The Band [Rdio]

15. Discover which nail polish remover is your best bet for getting rid of glitter polish [The Cut]

14. Get ready for Mardi Gras (it’s on February 12!) with this recipe for King Cake [Refinery 29]

Image courtesy Menswear Dog
13. Be delighted by the sartorial choices of Menswear Dog [Menswear Dog]

Photography by Fieldguided
12. Actually, all this snow isn’t that bad when it’s viewed through the lens of a very talented photographer [Fieldguided]

11. Grow your girl-crush on Blake Lively when she confesses her mother’s secret for applying blush in an emergency [Refinery 29]

Yes, Brad Pitt designed this bed. Image courtesy The Guardian
10. Realize that you could probably design a better furniture collection than Brad Pitt [The Guardian]

Photography courtesy BlogTO
9. Embrace the snow, grab some friends and go tobogganing on Toronto’s best hills [BlogTO]

8. Enjoy a winter wonderland inside by watching two lovers skate on a frozen waterfall in the 1946 Disney animation Melody Time [Buzzfeed]

Image courtesy US Weekly
7. Get even more excited for the Grammys on Sunday thanks to the fact that Allison Williams is Katy Perry’s date. (Weird, right?) [Us Weekly]

Photography by Stefania Yarhi
6. Consider that even though it’s also snowing in New York, these 21 things are still probably happening at NYFW [Buzzfeed Shift]

Image courtesy Into The Gloss
5. Be amazed at the style from music award shows past, including X-tina, Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez in that dress [Into The Gloss]

4. Decide once and for all that older women really do make the best models thanks to the Karen Walker x Advanced Style lookbook [Trendland]

Image courtesy The Glamourai
3. Realize that being a snow princess wouldn’t be so bad if you could be styled by The Glamourai [The Glamourai]

2. Laugh at the hilarious panic that’s happening on the Weather Channel right now [Gawker]

1. Check out these floral sculptures by Alexander McQueen’s go-to skull motif man [So Bad So Good]

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