16 ways to make your weekend all about Beyoncé (because her HBO doc isn’t enough!)

Beyonce and Oprah
Photography courtesy iam.beyonce.com

If you haven’t yet clued in, 2013 is officially the year of Beyoncé. She dominated the Super Bowl, basically helped re-elect President Obama, is on the cover of many a magazine and she’s going on a world tour in a few months to support a forthcoming album—all while keeping us totally tantalized thanks to her dreamy Tumblr. And if you haven’t yet caught the Beyoncé fever, get ready as it’s going to reach its fever pitch this weekend when her self-produced documentary Life Is But a Dream airs on HBO. (Read our review of it here!) In order to make sure you’re caught up on all things Beyoncé, we have a countdown of news tidbits, animated gifs and more. Ready to start scrolling and clicking? In the words of Beyoncé herself: “I’m trying to make a three, from that two, he still the one.”

Countdown Beyonce is amazing
16. Obviously you need to scroll through all our Beyoncé links with “Countdown” (her best song, IMO) on repeat [YouTube]

Beyonce and Oprah
Photography courtesy iam.beyonce.com
15. Watch the preview clips of Oprah’s New Chapter interview with Beyoncé, which also airs this weekend [Oprah]

Superbowl party Beyonce is amazing
14. Take some tips from this awesome Beyoncé-themed Superbowl party and host your own Beyoncé documentary viewing party on Saturday night [Buzzfeed]

The Gentlewoman Beyonce is amazing
13. Hunt down a copy of The Gentlewoman’s Spring Summer 2013 issue, which comes out in the UK today, because, hello! Beyoncé in Dior on the cover means there’s way more amazingness inside. [The Gentlewoman]

Vogue Beyonce is amazing
12. And speaking of magazine covers, have you seen Beyoncé’s Vogue shoot yet? [Vogue]

11. Learn all 47 of Beyoncé’s best dance moves via animated gif [Buzzfeed]

Life is but a dream Beyonce is amazing
10. Get some extra intel about the Life Is But a Dream doc thanks to this interview with its co-director, Ed Burke [Vulture]

Sandwich Beyonce is amazing
9. Make a delicious Beyoncé sandwich [Hooplaha]

Gwyneth Paltrow BFF Beyonce is amazing
Photography courtesy Entertainment Wise
8. Dream about how amazing it would be to hang out with Beyoncé and her bestie Gwyneth Paltrow [Entertainment Wise]

7. Learn 20 important love lessons thanks to various Destiny’s Child lyrics [Buzzfeed]

Hello Giggles Beyonce is amazing
Image courtesy Hello Giggles
6. See why Beyoncé is better at social media than you [Hello Giggles]

GQ Beyonce is amazing
5. Now would also be a good time to read (or reread!) Beyoncé’s GQ interview from last month—seeing as it’s where she reveals that she has a vast archive of all Beyoncé mentions, photographs, videos etc. Wowza! [GQ]

Jay Z Beyonce is amazing
Photography by Win McNamee/Getty Images
4. Ponder if Beyoncé is causing more women to embrace their husbands’ last names [The Cut]

MTV Single Ladies Beyonce is amazing
3. Listen to Beyoncé’s advice for single ladies on Valentine’s Day (even if it is a day late) [MTV]

Forthcoming album Beyonce is amazing
2. Get excited for Beyoncé’s forthcoming album and hope that a single will drop on Monday [MTV News]

1. Speaking of the next album, tickets are already sold out for the Mrs. Carter world tour! Fingers crossed for more dates? [Perez Hilton]