The Best Microbreweries in Toronto for Your Next Bar Hop

Get your hands on a cold pint (or two) at one of these microbreweries, chosen by our Localist correspondent in Toronto

We’re loving that microbreweries have become so popular in Canada, because buying local craft beer is the perfect way to support small businesses while also getting our summer sip on. There are so many locations in TO alone—and they each have something unique (and tasty) to offer.

But don’t stress about being overwhelmed by choice just yet—to help you out, the FLARE staff rounded up the best microbreweries in Toronto so you know exactly where to grab your next cold craft brew. Our other Localist correspondents found the best microbreweries in every major city across Canada. Happy sipping!

(Photo: Courtesy Henderson Brewery)
(Photo: Courtesy Henderson Brewery)


Location: 128 A Sterling Rd.,
Open since: June 2016
The rundown: Although they’ve been brewing since 2014, Henderson only just opened the doors of their tasting room last summer, where you can get pints, bottles and growlers.
What to order: Food Truck, a Blonde Ale that’s super easy to drink
What they’re known for: Their flagship beer, Henderson’s Best, inspired by the very first beers brewed in Toronto in the 19th century. That, and they’re dog-friendly.
Beers on tap: 7
Guided tours: Yes, on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons

Left Field

Location: 36 Wagstaff Dr.,
Open since: May 2015
The rundown: Heavily steeped in baseball puns, this husband-and-wife-founded brewery in Leslieville not only brews great beer, but they host tons of cool events like Euchre nights and terrarium building workshops.
What to order: Laser Show, Left Field’s imperial IPA. It has a high alcohol content and bold citrus-y hop flavours.
What they’re known for: They’re insanely cute “Head of Security and Customer Relations,” Wrigley the basset hound.
Beers on tap: 8
Guided tours: Yes, every Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m.

Halo Brewery

Location: 247 Wallace Ave.,
Open since: May 2016<
The rundown: This Junction-based brewery is coming up on its first birthday, and you can read all about their beer passion-fueled journey to success on their blog.
What to order: Inkblot, which is a robust porter, and perfect if you’re looking for something a little different than an IPA
What they’re known for: The fact that they’re an open-source brewery, which means they share all of their recipes and methods online.
Beers on tap: Up to 8
Guided tours: Not officially, but the staff are always happy to show people around if it’s not too busy

Blood Brothers

Location: 165 Geary Ave.,
Open since: April 2015
The rundown: At this spot, owned and operated by two brothers (as the name suggests), you can grab a draft or pick up bottles of whatever’s brewing at their space in midtown.
What to order: Guilty Remnant. It’s a white chocolate white stout made with cold brew and vanilla.
What they’re known for: Their Inner IPA, and their merch
Beers on tap: 6 to 11
Guided tours: No

Bandit Brewery

Location: 2125 Dundas St. West,
Open since: May 2016
The rundown: Right in the heart of Roncesvalles, this little microbrewery not only has great brews and the cutest logo, it also has a crazy gorgeous patio.
What to order: Citra, 8 Days A Week. It’s a session IPA that’s lower in alcohol but has lots of citrus-y flavour.
What they’re known for: Their aforementioned racoon logo, and their Bandit’s APA
Beers on tap: Usually 12
Guided tours: Not yet

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