Angela Mahoney is Creating a Community Through Choreography

Dancer, mentor, business owner and mom - Angela Mahoney won’t be limited

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“Everything that has come my way, I view it not as a challenge but as an opportunity to do things bigger and better,” says Angela Mahoney. “I think part of what has allowed me to have longevity is that I try not to box myself in. I am not only a dancer. I am a choreographer, mentor, studio owner and a mom. I am not limited to one role.”

Angela would be the first to tell you that although she grew up dancing, she never imagined a future in dance. Originally from New Brunswick, Angela moved to Toronto to pursue a career in journalism. She took a job as an office manager at a dance studio, considering it a bonus that she could take free classes on the side. Soon, requests started coming in for Angela to perform. Dance had found its way back to her. 

None other than Katy Perry can be credited for giving her that last extra push. In 2010, Angela saw a casting call for Perry’s performance at the Much Music Awards. She knew it was a shot in the dark—she had never gone for an audition before—but decided to go for the experience. 

“I could see the line-up from a few blocks away,” Angela says. “There were about 600 girls. In the end, I was one of six dancers chosen. It was incredible. That gig fueled my fire and catapulted my career.”

Producers and directors started hiring Angela, not just as a performer, but also to choreograph and put together teams. Like all great entrepreneurs, she saw a need where others did not. In 2012, she started a commercial dance company to create a roster of qualified and reliable dance professionals.

However, she was still struggling to find women for specific gigs that required dancing in heels or leaned toward a sexier, burlesque style. Once again, she decided to solve the problem herself, incorporating heel classes into her studio’s offering. These classes took off immediately and her company, Hot in Heels, was born. 

Angela’s all-female dance brand, Hot in Heels, has since blown up and become a destination for not only professional dancers, but also beginners and first-timers.  Today, Angela is a parent to three young children, alongside her husband, who is also a professional dancer and teacher. He jokingly calls her “Plan-gela” for her extreme organization. At times, she says that it feels like she is leading a double life, balancing the demands of motherhood and a burgeoning brand. 

“It is a lot of coffee and patience! But my passion is in a room of inspiring, driven women who want to work hard and support each other,” she says. “It’s kind of a family. People get addicted to the vibe in the room. It isn’t about the steps. It is about the environment they create, which is one of encouragement, positivity and support. When they leave the room, I want them to feel empowered.”


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