5 Swimsuit Trends to Try This Summer

We’ve finally broken 10°C and are about to dive into the first long weekend of the summer. As we pack our bags we’re looking for swimwear that will make a splash regardless of the climate. From polar bear dips in cottage country lakes to European beach getaways, our fave five trends from La Vie En Rose will travel with you anywhere. Mix and match prints for an eclectic feel that screams “world traveler” or pair contrasting stripes for a new take on nautical.

Tropical florals are forever beach classics, with bright cheery blooms that pair well with a summer cocktail in hand. If prints aren’t quite your thing, try a colour-blocked swimsuit that feels sleek and sporty or give the maillot at try. The maillot, or one-piece swimsuit, has made a very fashionable comeback with creative cutouts, necklines and ruffles. Always remember: The key to comfort in any bathing suit is finding the right fit. At La Vie En Rose sizes go up to DD.

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Still not sure how to wear it? Shop the collection with our fashion editor-at-large Zeina Esmail and get some more bathing suit styling tips in the video below! If you’re reading from your desktop look for the pop-ups throughout the video to buy your favourite pieces right away.