14 ways to look naked on National Nude Day

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It’s National Nude Day and we’re partying the only we know how—in our birthday suits! JK. But we are rocking nude shades today.

Yes, we know, there’s a holiday for everything, and today’s the day to celebrate the body in all of its natural glory (shout-out to the #bodypositivity movement!).

But unless you’re Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian or Emily Ratajkowski (or you straight up DGAF), going au naturale can be totally awkward. It can even be illegal! According to Section 174 of the Canadian Criminal Code, being nude in a public place without a lawful excuse is a punishable offence. To err on the side of caution we’ve chosen to go a safer route: nude coloured outfits. Brilliant, right?

Not to be confused with the naked dress, which has been spotted on countless celebs over the years and leaves little to the imagination, nude outfits conceal the body while giving the illusion that one is naked. Getting the look’s easy: all you have to do is wear clothing in a shade similar to your own skin tone.

We’ve turned to our fave celebs for inspo. From Selena Gomez’s slip to Kylie Jenner’s bathing suit, see all the ways you can go nude today (and every other day!).