Photography via Instagram/@wolford

18 Long-Sleeve Bodysuits That are Perfect For Fall

Bodysuits are undoubtedly a summer staple. When the weather is hot, throwing one on with a pair of denim cutoffs makes the easiest outfit ever–especially when you kill two birds with one stone and use your one-piece swimsuit to complete the look. But as the heat wavers and the air begins to carry that brisk bite of fall, don’t make the mistake of thinking bodysuit season is over. Long-sleeve bodysuits are a key piece in any fall wardrobe. In fact, supermodel sister’s Gigi and Bella Hadid consider this option by WOLFORD an absolute must–both recently rocked the turtlenecks at New York Fashion Week.

Fall is all about layering and bodysuits ensure that your look won’t get lost in all the fabric. So pick out one of these chic long-sleeves, throw on some jeans, ankle boots and your favourite jacket. It’s a fall uniform that never disappoints.