Our Holiday Gift Guide 2019: What to Buy For the Holidays According to Your Favourite Meme

It's the dankest holiday gift guide ever.

It’s been a difficult year. So what soothes the soul and makes us laugh? Memes, obviously. Whether it’s the seemingly endless iterations of Spongebob memes,  the absurd new genre of moth memes, or tide pods as a forbidden snack, we can’t help but get swept up in the #relatability of it all. And maybe we’ve looked at too many of them lately (hey, we said it was a tough year), but we’ve decided to organize our annual holiday gift guide around our favourite internet in-jokes to create the dankest holiday gift guide ever.

Whether you’re buying for a bad bitch who always escapes from the slipperiest of situations (Rihanna’s stilettos) to a gossip-wielding self-care obsessive (Kermit sipping tea), these are the gifts you need on your radar this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Rihanna’s stilettos

The ultimate bad bitch who always looks flawless despite some very, um, precarious situations.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Confused Mr. Krabs

Between work, family drama and the never-ending battle for gender equality, we all have frazzled friends who just need a little help keeping their sh*t together.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Kermit sipping tea

That friend who’s an expert at self-care but isn’t, you know, a jerk about it.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Distracted boyfriend

Our man with the wandering eye—only he’s not checking out other ladies; he’s eyeing dope stuff like this.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Gym Kardashian

The power-lifting, CrossFit-’gramming, clean-eating fitness fanatic whose mission in life is to get buff or bust.

Holiday Gift Guide 2019


Our best heckin’ friend. Such gifts. Very holiday. Much presents. Wow.