Fleece Jackets

Polar Fleece Is the Latest ’90s Trend to Resurface

The perfect hybrid of the sporty anorak and the cozy packable down jacket has resurfaced and it’s a blast from the past. Considering the enduring popularity of Patagonia, the polar fleece jacket may have never actually disappeared. However, it has shifted from the exclusive territory of camping and outdoor enthusiasts towards more fashionable terrain. Unlike ridiculously high heels or minuscule bags, this style is practical and we’re welcoming it into our wardrobes as the temperature dips. Trade in your trusted hoodie and wear it on its own as a fall jacket or as a layering piece under a structured coat. Splurge on Balenciaga’s leopard print version or keep things classic with a half-zip from L.L.Bean. Either way there are plenty of options to keep you comfortable.

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