Image Courtesy of Balenciaga

This Might Be the Wokest Fashion Collab We’ve Seen So Far

In an industry landscape crowded with collaborations, this fur-, leather- and down-free collection seems uniquely dedicated to social good.

Balenciaga, a label once best known for dressing ladies who lunch in painstakingly-tailored finery, now better known for meme-generating bubble coats, is slated to collaborate with online retailer Farfetch on a fur-free, leather-free and down-free collection benefitting species conservation that might be the wokest fashion collaboration to date.

Though most fashion collaborations tend to rely on unexpected pairings to generate interest  — think Fendi x Fila sportswear, or the Gucci x Comme des Garçons tote — this one seems uniquely poised to rise above other collabs vying for attention thanks to its unique dedication to social good. (Well, that and some of the items are being issued in ~super exclusive limited edition colour ways.~)

The collection will feature illustrations of the Northern White Rhinoceros, the Blue whale, the Giant Panda and other endangered animals to generate awareness of species conservation and the crucial roles that these animals play in preserving biodiversity on the planet. An unspecified amount of proceeds will go towards the International Union for Nature Conservation, a Swiss charity founded in 1948 that bills itself as “the world’s largest and most diverse environmental network.”

“At Farfetch, Balenciaga is extremely popular with our global customers, so we are thrilled to launch this new capsule collection in collaboration with the brand, consisting of exclusive pieces that cannot be found anywhere else,” José Neves, founder and CEO of Farfetch told WWD. “We think the collection will delight people who are existing fans of the brand, as well as capturing the imagination of new fans as well.”