Toronto Fashion Week: Day four

Shown: Pink Tartan Fall 2008.

L’Oréal Fashion Week is coming to a close, and FASHION still has eighty-five dollars worth of fresh dry cleaning eagerly hanging in the closet.  Hmm…mental note: Set up date with tall, handsome drink of water and wear one of these fabulous frocks.  Trends spotted: Colourblocking, opaque tights, brights and a very chic trilby hat.

RUDSAK was a real ‘Canadian winter’ collection.  In other words, if you are in the market for a delicious new coat, the Visa stops here.  Lots of puffer jackets with great details like waist-gathering, oversize collars and sexy stovepipe sleeves.  The Michelin man has officially left the runway.  The puffer is a viable and very cute option to channel your inner snow bunny.  Fave piece: Chocolate-brown fitted leather bomber.  Beauty message: Dark smoldering eyes teamed with raspberry frostbitten lips–oh-so-icy cool.  Best accessories included chic driving gloves, knee-length boots, leather bucket hats and wide waist-cinchers.

Pink Tartan was the posh ticket of the night. Tons of Toronto socialites, chic-seekers and lovelies who don’t bat a Dior Show-slicked eyelash at spending a month’s rent on their Louboutins.  Designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran toughened up her usual tenderhearted posse of prepster pieces with black knee-high Dr. Martens, fingerless gloves with chains and a makeup palette that said “rolled out of bed” rather than “red carpet ready”.  Best in show: French-cuff button-down shirts paired with ties and fitted vests.  FASHION loved the countryside cool element.  The can’t-wait-until-fall must-haves: Pencil skirt with exposed industrial zipper detail, sheer black lace blouse and the perfect skinny trouser.  On the fashion-fence about the knee-length wool socks.  Love ’em or hate ’em?  What do you think duckies?  Drop me a line and let me know.

Off to the after parties…xo

Photography by Sarah Casselman.