5 ways to take your makeup from the beach to a party

makeup beach party
Photography by Peter Stigter

So, your day of leisure at the beach went a little longer than expected. But hey, you’re on island time! Hopefully you still slathered on the SPF all day long so you’re covered on that front, but you’re probably not going to have too much time left to get ready for a night out .

Now, if you hadn’t gone for that extra dip in the water or grabbed that third (fifth?) Piña Colada, you may have been able to treat yourself to a fresh new coat of makeup. Unfortunately, washing the salty and sandy remnants off your oily mug and re-primping from scratch is just not something you have the time (or the steady hand) for. Instead, you’ll have to rely on a few easy touchup tools to get glammed up faster than ever before.

Luckily, there are some simple products on the market today that can do just that. From oil-controlling blotting papers to an illuminating highlighter guaranteed to enhance your sunkissed glow, we’ve rounded up five necessities to take you effortlessly from the beach to the after party. (And after the party, to the hotel lobby.)