5 ways to style your hair after swimming so you never look like a drowned rat again

how to style hair after swimming
Photography by Peter Stigter

There are two types of girls at every pool/lake/oceanside scene: the carefree ones who liberally dive head-first into the water, and the sad souls stuck in the safety of dry land. It’s not that one girl is necessarily more fun than the other; it’s the fear of having to walk around with frizzy, kinky and sticky hair for the remainder of the day that has some of us avoiding water at all costs. Of course, that’s no way to live. But what are we to do when the thought of displaying our mane au naturel is enough to make us endure some serious FOMO?

Well, just because we’re outdoors without access to our fave heated styling tools doesn’t mean our look (or dignity) has to suffer. In fact, embracing the water will allow you to achieve that artfully disheveled beachy hair look you’ve been trying to perfect for years—imagine that. We’ve gathered five ways to tame and style your awkward, fresh-out-of-water locks so you can get off that towel and join in on the splashy fun.

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