How to save money on your hair: 5 ways to cut back on products and salon appointments

Photography by Peter Stigter

There are a few things we willingly turn a blind eye to. Like, all the seriously unhealthy ingredients that are probably in our weekly order of takeout, or how both staircases on Full House could bring the family to the same entrance on the second floor. And when it comes to our beauty routine and the amount of dough we shell out to maintain and refresh our mane, we prefer to hold a “what we don’t know can’t hurt us” mentality.

But when you’re on a budget (and aren’t we always?) we’re kind of forced to examine each and every one of our expenses to effectively see where we can make any trims. Our findings? Completely frightening. You know all those bottles of Oribé texturizer you’re always restocking, or the almost monthly highlight touchups you say your locks require? Turns out those “necessities” add up to be quite the luxurious expense.

And so, to help you be a more responsible adult, and you know, be able to put some of your money into a savings account, we’ve put together five easy ways to cut down on your hair costs, without sacrificing your strands in all their glory. From the new way to dye your hair that will require only biannual visits to the salon, to being a smart shopper when it comes to products, flip through the slideshow for easy ways to spare some serious expense in the hair department.