5 camping beauty tips that’ll ensure you’re selfie-ready all weekend long

camping beauty tips

We wouldn’t call ourselves high maintenance, but we’re also not always outdoorsy. Take camping, for example. The thought of spending three or four days without easy access to water, soap, moisturizer, or a mirror has us running for the (concrete) hills.

Now, in an effort to maintain our fuss-free ‘tude without completely sacrificing our vanity, we need an arsenal of travel-friendly products to help us look good in the middle of nowhere, while not looking overdone. Though a lengthening, waterproof mascara or an all-in-one cheek, lip and eye shadow stick may seem like brilliant picks, they’re just not what you’ll feel comfortable applying before pitching a tent or while trudging through the bushes. What you need are products that will make you feel clean, fresh and radiant, while enhancing your natural look.

Ahead, we’ve gathered the five best products to take with you on your next camping trip that will not only help you look and feel your best, but are practical, subtle and convenient products you’ll actually use. From refreshing facial pads that offer an instant glow, to a moisturizing lip balm that provides a rosy hue, flip through the slideshow for the five beautifying essentials to grab before hitting the campground to ensure you’ll be one hot and happy camper.