10 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Disney Villains

disney female villains ursula

It’s funny to think that as someone who’s grown up religiously watching all the Disney princess movies, I can’t seem to pinpoint any of their beauty moments. Sure, I remember Cinderella’s sparkly blue gown and Belle’s yellow, off-the-shoulder dress, but other than the minor hair up or down details, there’s nothing particularly striking or memorable about their beauty games.

On the other hand, when it comes to villainesses, their faces seem to be etched into my brain. How can I forget Cruella de Vil’s white and black hair or Ursula’s waterproof makeup or Maleficent’s overall badassery? Even though I was once mesmerized by the princesses’ perfect porcelain skin and rosy lips, it’s really the villainesses’ hair and makeup that comes out on top.

There’s actually a lot we can learn from them, beauty wise. Their makeup is not only always bold and daring, but age never seems to hinder them while they plot to rule the world. So in defence of Disney’s anti-heroes, rounded up the baddest Disney villainesses’ beauty moments.