Afternoon beauty fix: Keep your ponytail from falling flat with these easy volume-building tricks

My ponytail tends to fall flat and look too slick only a few hours after I’ve put it up. How can I secure the messy, voluminous pony I’m going for?
My favourite ponytail is textured and bouncy with some height at the crown, a look the Olsen sisters and Kate Beckinsale tend to pull off quite well. The best aspect of that style is that it takes mere moments to execute and should only demand a few tweaks to your regular routine. Start by working some texture into damp hair with a volumizing mousse like Dove Style+Care Amplifier mousse ($7, at drugstores). It will help your hair look lively for longer, and will also assist in securing your ponytail better than fresh, slippery strands. Tease your hair at the crown using a comb. This is the stage where you don’t need to worry about keeping it cute—messy is better! Maintain the height with a light-hold hairspray like Rene Furterer Vegetal finishing spray ($27,, which smells like lemon instead of chemicals and was designed for styles with movement, not stiffness. Shake your head upside-down then flip it back, smoothing your hair into place with your fingers. Secure it at the nape of your neck using a hair tie or skinny elastic, like Goody DoubleWear elastics ($5, at drugstores), and pull out a few loose pieces. Use your fingers to backcomb the hair on your crown, and add last bout of volume into your pony by lifting the top section and spritzing a little spray into the centre. And voila! You have an effortless-looking pony that took only a little bit of effort.

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