Why It’s Not OK to Victim-Blame Kim Kardashian West

Many people’s initial reaction when they heard Kim Kardashian West was robbed was that she had staged it largely due to the fact that it’s hard to picture a celebrity of her caliber, not in control. But while many often forget that she is an actual human being, may we remind you that finding humour in someone being tied up and held at gunpoint is disturbing.

The negative reactions toward Kim that are circulating go to show how far removed many of us are from the actual humanity of human beings. Some people are blaming Kim for showing off her pieces on social media prior to the robbery (she shared photos of her new diamond grills and her engagement ring) and others say her security team failed her. But can you imagine having to be followed 24/7 without an hour to yourself for fear of being attacked? That’s not a life any of us would want. The internet has been an unjust swell of victim-blaming since the news broke. Take a look at some of the most heartless tweets so far: