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The #UnwantedIvanka Memes Are the Best Thing on the Internet Right Now

From Abbey Road to the moon landing, Ivanka Trump is just about everywhere.

A few days ago, a BBC journalist tweeted a video that the official French presidential Instagram account had posted to its Stories from the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan. Videos from global summits don’t tend to go viral but this one, of Ivanka Trump trying to muscle her way into a conversation with world leaders like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, has racked up 25,000 retweets since June 29 and led to one of the best collective meme-generating efforts the internet has seen in recent memory. Shortly after the video started doing the rounds, writer and podcaster Erin Ryan tweeted a request for people to Photoshop “Ivanka the unwelcome interloper” into a series of equally unlikely scenarios, including but not limited to a cast poster for Big Little Lies, Beyonce’s Coachella performance, and the Nixon-Elvis meeting.

The internet, as it often does, happily obliged. “The reason I started the #UnwantedIvanka hashtag was because I find her presence in high level diplomatic talks embarrassing, ridiculous, and dangerous,” Ryan tweeted yesterday. “The reason it took off is that *lots* of people, from all over the world, apparently agree.” Scroll on for some of the very best #UnwantedIvanka memes we’ve been blessed with so far.

Ivanka as the seventh FRIEND

Ivanka sitting next to Rosa Parks on the bus

Ivanka marching along with Mahatma Gandhi

Ivanka at Abbey Road

Ivanka moderating the Taylor Swift-Kanye West debacle

Ivanka with the cast of Big Little Lies

Ivanka at the fall of the Berlin Wall

Ivanka with Neil Armstrong on the Moon

Ivanka at the Royal Wedding (in a wedding dress, of course)

For the full extent of the #UnwantedIvanka meme explosion, head to Twitter.