Selena Gomez and The Weeknd Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

Remember when Selena Gomez and The Weeknd made their relationship official and then not-so-official? Well, Gomez’s latest Instagram post will surely throw those confusing thoughts out the window.

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At first glance, the IG photo shows the pop singer dressed in an oversized/boyfriend-fitted red Supreme x Champion sweater, posing with her friends in a recording studio. No big deal, right? Wrong. Thanks to one keen Gomez fan, we can confirm The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) had sneakily left a comment (amongst the 26,000 others) along with an eye roll emoji on his alleged girlfriend’s post.

The comment easily inspired all the Abelena fans to do a little investigating on the aforementioned sweater — and it wasn’t long before they effortlessly found a photo of the Toronto-native wearing the exact same one.

Abel's Sweater 😍❤ #abelena #theweeknd #selenagomez

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But this isn’t the first time fans caught the 24-year-old “Good For You” singer borrowing her beau’s clothes — she’s previously been spotted rocking an oversized denim jacket that the “Starboy” crooner has worn in the past.

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While we’re not 100 per cent certain whether or not Selenz borrowed Abel’s clothes or coincidentally owns the same styles (who are we kidding, they’re probably the Weeknd’s!), either way, these two are certainly taking their not-so-official relationship to the next level. Stars, they’re just like us, borrowing each other’s clothes from time to time!