Dear World: Enough With the #NickiMinajChallenge Vids, Please

There's only room for one 'extra' person here.


Here we go again. If you’ve been lurking about on the interwebz over the last few days, you’ll have noticed a new viral trend that spawned from an Instagram video of Nicki Minaj.

Said clip shows the 34-year-old rapper decked out in a pink Balenciaga tracksuit paired with Chanel knee-high boots and bag, her strands so lush and long they’d make Rick Owens jealous, about to catch a ride on a private jet.

“Attention: This is how bad bitches leave London and go to Prague. You bitches can’t even spell Prague,” she says matter-of-factly into the camera and then spins around on her heel and struts down the runway towards the aircraft. It’s the definition of extra, and she nailed it, as she always does.

Of course, people on the internet took note of Nicki’s extra-ness and have been re-creating their own versions of the vid, thus resulting in the #NickiMinajChallenge.

To be totally fair, some of the videos are quite funny. But there’s only room for one Queen of Extra, and that spot is reserved for Nicki Minaj, and Nicki Minaj only.

As of now, only two celebs have tried their hand at the challenge, although we predict many more soon. Behold, Zoe Kravitz’s iteration. A little less Audrey Hepburn, a little more Nomi Malone, Zoe.

And Kylie Jenner’s “attempt” at it. We seriously don’t even know why she tried.

Don't fall now sis #KylieJenner #NickiMinajChallenge

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So, please. No more #NickiMinajChallenge vids.