Kate Middleton now has an official lookalike

We thought we were the biggest Kate Middleton fans, but a newly ex-lawyer from Sussex has just proved to us (and the rest of the world) that she holds that title. Christina Spencer just quit her job as a solicitor to start a career as a Kate Middleton lookalike. Mentions of her resemblance to the Duchess escalated after the royal wedding in April 2011, so we guess the reasonable next step was to drop everything and become her. We’re all for spreading the Kate-love, but this may be (okay, totally is) a little too much.

Consistently compared to Kate for the past 5 years, Spencer has been loving the remarks, saying “You can’t really have much more of a compliment then saying you look like the Duchess of Cambridge. If you’re going to look like somebody then she’s the person I would most like to look like.” Well, that’s convenient. She’s got the long, brown hair, graceful smile, and believes her polite manner which she developed during her job as a solicitor have helped her image. She’s been practicing the Duchess’ facial expressions and mannerisms, and now all she needs is a Prince William lookalike to seal the deal, but “they’re really hard to find.” Surprisingly (or not) she’s not the only one who’s taken their resemblance to Kate to the next level. Gabriella Munro Douglas, you’ve got some competition.

It’s totally intriguing to wonder how this will pan out, but to be honest, it seems the saying “don’t quit your day job” has never been so relevant.