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Everyone Justin Bieber’s New Song ‘Friends’ Might Be About

Hey Biebs, what do you mean?

Attention Beliebers: Justin Bieber is coming out with new music.

On Monday, Bieber took to Twitter to tell fans that his new single, “Friends”, will drop Thursday at noon. All we know so far is that the track is a collaboration with producer BloodPop and it was co-written with Justin Trantor and Julia Michaels — which FYI is the same team (minus Skrillex) behind the No. 1 hit “Sorry.” We also got this artwork…

And a day before he officially announced his new track, he shared this cryptic tweet:

Hmmmm. So we know the song is about a friend, but which friend is it about? The details are scant — but that isn’t going to stop us from speculating. Here are some of our ideas.

Hailey Baldwin

Photography via Instagram/@justinbieber

Twitter seems to believe that “Friends” will address Jailey, Bieber’s post-Jelena fling with model, Hailey Baldwin. Over the span of two-ish years, the highly talked about duo spent a lot of time together; going to Hillsong churchsharing sweatpants, travelling with one another’s families… you get the picture. Then, when Bieber posted a pic on Instagram of the two sharing a NYE kiss, it seemed the rumours of a romance were finally confirmed. In his 2016 cover story for GQ, Bieber boldly said, “[She’s] someone I really love.” Sounds pretty legit, right? Well, it turned out they weren’t as serious as we all assumed. (PDA pictures and family holiday invites don’t mean much anymore.)

“We are not an exclusive couple,” Hailey told E! Online in response to the GQ interview quote. “He’s about to go on tour. Relationships at this age are already complicated, but I don’t really like to talk about it because it’s between me and him.”

Where is Jailey now? It seems that after things went public (and Justin left for tour), the romance began to quietly sizzle out. Are the two still friends? Well they don’t hangout or follow each other on Instagram anymore — but they do still go to the same church services.

 Jaden Smith

Photography via Instagram/@justinbieber

One might assume that “Friends” is about a girl (because, like, this is Justin Bieber), but maybe it’s about a platonic friendship between two dudes? Personally, I would love for the new track to be about the long-term bromance between the Biebs and Jaden Smith. The duo — who collaborated for the 2010 hit “Never Say Never” — have been making headlines together lately. After Justin cancelled his tour, Jaden tweeted: “I Love Justin Bieber ❤️.” When ET caught up with Smith to ask him about the tweet, he told them, “that tweet is just so real because I honestly just love him and what’s he’s doing. The amount of change he’s being able to make in the world is just insane.” Bieber shared the love back, by Instagraming a #TBT photo of his buddy with the caption: “Ur adorable Jaden” just moments before littering his feed with photos of the “Friends” song cover art.

We mostly just want to see these dudes dancing together on a stage again.

Selena Gomez

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There’s no shortage of drama between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. (We have a whole timeline.) The two superstar teenagers first sparked dating rumours in 2010, and they continue to be one of pop culture’s most talked about couples. They’ve been on, they’ve been off — and they’ve tried to be friends. When Bieber went on Ellen Degeneres in 2015 to promote Purpose, he revealed that three of the album’s hit songs were about his ex-lover.

“If there were [songs about Gomez], which three would they be?” Ellen asked the singer. When he hesitated, DeGeneres helped him fill in the blanks: “‘What Do You Mean?’” DeGeneres said. “‘Sorry,’ a little bit,” he said in return, “and ‘Mark My Words.'” Bieber’s written songs about Gomez before, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again.

Ryan Butler

Photography via Instagram/@justinbieber

Remember Ryan Butler? He was Justin Bieber’s childhood best friend from Stratford, Ontario. He’s the guy playing video games with the Biebs at the beginning of his debut music video for “One Time.” Then in 2011, Justin bought Ryan a mustang convertible for Christmas.

Where are the buddies at now? Butler has lots of pics with Bieber on his Instagram with captions calling him his “best friend” — but most of the photos seem to be throwbacks. Has Justin become so famous he’s forgotten where he came from? Is “Friends” a song about him remembering his roots and rekindling important relationships? TBH this sounds like a pretty tear-jerking track.