Harry Styles’s New Album is all That Matters Today

...at least according to these fans.

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: Former One Direction member Harry Styles finally released his debut solo album and we, along with the rest of the (Twitter) world, just can’t handle it.

The range of emotions comes as no surprise. After all, following the dismantling of 1D, it was the potential of a Harry Styles solo career that gave broken-hearted Directioners hope and purpose (sorry, Zayn). And, TBH, Styles’s self-titled record does not disappoint—the 10 songs have a serious rock edge and evoke a “classic cocktail of psychedelia, Britpop, and balladry,” as described by Variety. Add in some ~*scandalous*~ eyebrow-raising lyrics (“Woke up alone in this hotel room/Played with myself/Where were you?” and “I’m having your baby/It’s none of your business,” to name a few) along with some potential (ex-girlfriend) Taylor Swift references (“Same lips red, same eyes blue/same white shirt, couple more tattoos”) and you’ve got an album that’s worthy of these dramatic Twitter reactions:

Happy Harry Styles day, everyone!