15 Celebrity Couples Who Secretly Said “I Do”

Fantastic Four actors Kate Mara and Jamie Bell have tied the knot over the weekend, and then casually posted this adorable picture to Twitter to announce the news. You know, no biggie.

With Alison Brie/Dave Franco and Amanda Seyfried/Thomas Sadoski also casually announcing their secret ceremonies earlier this year, it seems this whole covert-coupling thing is becoming a hot Hollywood trend. And fair enough: it makes total sense that more and more famous people are opting for small, stealthy, pap-free marriage ceremonies. When you live in the public eye, it’s important to keep some things private. Unless, of course, you’re Kim Kardashian. In which case, call-up Anna Wintour for a Vogue spread, and message Ryan Seacrest for an live E! special.

Here’s a round-up of 15 celebrity couples who kept their weddings under wraps.