Photography via Instagram/@bellahadid

Are the Hadid Sisters Back with their Exes?

When it comes to combining celeb couple names, “Gigi & Zayn” and “Bella & Abel” are a little tricky to get right. But despite the fact that these two sets of names don’t blend quite as easily as, say, Kimye or Brangelina, they could still be two perfect pairs.

Bella Hadid and Abel Tesfaye (more commonly known as The Weekend) broke up in November 2016 and Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik ended their relationship this past March. Recently, however, these sister’s seem to be gravitating back to their old exes–and it seems to be happening at the exact same time.

Neither couple has confirmed a relationship yet, but the four celebs aren’t exactly keeping things on the “down low” either. These past few weeks have revealed numerous hints that there is still love in the air.

Gigi & Zayn

The Breakup

After more than two years together, Gigi and Zayn called it quits this past March. It was a shocking break up that had a lot of fans reeling. The two were the definition of a power couple, posing in complimentary outfits at the Met Gala, acting alongside each other in music videos. The two even shared a Vogue cover, so their relationship was pretty much immortalized. Despite their young age, it really seemed like a forever thing.

But later on, Twitter posts shared by each of the stars revealed the exact opposite.

Back Together?

Only a month after the breakup, Gigi and Zayn were spotted locking lips on the streets of New York City. It got fans wondering if the couple had really split up in the first place, or sparked hope that maybe the pair were back on again. There hasn’t really been any more evidence to support that hope… until now.

In an Instagram story posted by Gigi on Tuesday night, she is photographed lying in some very recognizable arms. Although Zayn’s face is covered, his tattoos confirm that he is the not-so-mysterious man.

The model had attended the Ocean’s 8 premiere earlier that night, but decided to skip the after-party to hang out with her old flame. (Pokémon was also somehow involved.) The photo, which was posted to her own account, seems to be the proof we’ve been waiting for.

Personally, I’m hoping for another magazine cover ASAP.

Bella & The Weeknd

The Breakup

It’s been a while since Bella and The Weekend’s break-up and the (iconic) run-in at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that followed. The two split for the second time last November, with People reporting that it had become increasingly harder for the two to schedule time together.

Back Together?

Despite the amount of time that’s passed between the breakup and now, and even the newsworthy relationships that have happened in between, (Selena Gomez for example) the two celebrities have stayed connected over the years. They have often offered vocal support of each other’s work and were even spotted kissing at Coachella–something the two both ended up denying.

With Bella’s Shaggy-sounding “It wasn’t me” response,  everyone was left wondering what was really going on. But now we have proof! Last month there was photographic evidence of the two kissing in Cannes at the Magnum x Alexander Wang VIP Party.

And just last week the two were spotted out on a date in Paris, captured walking arm in arm by the paparazzi.

Although less obvious than a “Facebook official” update, Instagram seems to be the latest stage for debuting new (and new take-two) relationships. By the looks of these posts, it’s safe to say the Hadid sister’s and their exes definitely have something going on. (What that something is? We’ll just have to wait and see.)