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Undercut Bling is Equal Parts Glamorous and Badass

With music festival season just around the corner, we’re gearing up to see an influx of festival-ready hairstyles on our social media feeds (hello, holographic hair!). And while we will forever love braids and half topknots, those ‘dos seem to veer on the safe (albeit, very pretty) side.

However, one hair trend that’s caught our eye is anything but boring, but rather bold, loud and fun (therefore, perfect for the season): undercut bling.

The trend, which is being made popular by online creative community Super Deluxe on Facebook, takes your regular undercut and brings it to the next level with glitter, studs and more. It’s very similar to last year’s glitter undercut trend, but has more added bling (hence the name).

In the short clip, hairstylist Cici Andersen demonstrates how to get the look, step by step. She begins by sectioning off the model’s hair in order to shave one section for the undercut. She then dyes the undercut peroxide blonde before proceeding to shave in some geometric shapes and patterns. Then the fun starts, with Andersen adding bright hues to the undercut (and the rest of the model’s locks). After washing, drying and styling the hair (into a crown braid), Cici adds in the bling: glitter and gold studs.

undercut bling
Photography via Facebook/superdeluxevideo

Pretty cool, right?

Should you be so inclined to spice up your undercut (whether or not you’re planning on attending any music festivals this year), you can get some more inspo below:

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