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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Latest Fragrance is Inspired by a Japanese Sushi Leaf

Inspiration comes from the most random of places, and in Gwyneth Paltrow’s case, she can even find it in a tray of sushi.

The 44-year-old actress turned lifestyle guru unveiled her latest fragrance on her website last week, and in classic Goop fashion, the scent is totally out there and has us scratching our heads (or, our noses). Ready for this? It’s supposed to smell like shiso. That is, the Japanese herb that’s used as a wasabi holder on a sushi tray (not to be confused with the plastic green leaf used in grocery store sushi takeout boxes).

According to Gwyneth, using shiso (a.k.a. perilla) as a primary scent is “rare in the perfume world,” which is what makes it such an unexpected star in the fragrance. Goop’s website describes the shiso leaf’s scent as having a “slightly spicy/fresh characteristic that’s green, earthy, and delicate all at once.” The fragrance as a whole is said to begin simply, “then slowly opens up into spicy greens, crushed stems, and ancient exotic woods.” (Basically it smells like a fancy AF forest.)

And staying true to Goop form, the fragrance is, of course, made from entirely natural elements, making it non-toxic, safe and even “healing.”

So how much will this sushi-inspired elixir cost you? $165 USD, while the candle version will set you back $72USD. How Goop-y.