Watch Us Make Our Own Lipstick at Bite Beauty’s Lipstick Lab

Three years ago, I had the joyous experience of creating my own lipstick shade at Bite Beauty’s Lipstick Lab in Soho. When I told others about it, it was always a sore point that the service wasn’t available here, especially for a Canadian brand. But no more. A few months ago, Bite opened up their first flagship store on Queen St. West and it’s bigger and dare I say, better than the NYC outpost. “It’s a lipstick party house,” says Susanne Langmuir, Bite Beauty’s founder, on the day of my first visit. And she’s not wrong. On the ground floor, there’s à la carte service, where you choose from over 200 existing shades and select your choice of finish and scent. But upstairs is next level, literally and figuratively. It’s here where you can customize your own shade, using anything as reference, from a discontinued shade of another brand to a Tiffany box (true story). Watch below as we make our own.