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This Makeup Brand Bullied Customers on Instagram (And They’re Not Even Sorry)

A lesson in how to NOT treat your customers.

Ever wondered how not to treat your customers on social media?

Well, Z Palette is here to demonstrate.

The makeup brand, which is known for its compacts that magnetically hold pans of blush, eyeshadow, concealer and more, is currently under fire for “bullying” their customers on Instagram after shoppers suggested the Z Potter (a machine to help you remove makeup from its original packaging and melt it into small pots) was overpriced at $85.

Z Palette was not happy with the negative feedback, and started going off on their customers, slamming them with offensive comebacks and remarks, such as “You’re in a dorm room. It may be a stretch for your budget” and “You look like a cheap date, but we’re not messing with you.” They even went as far as using “Bye Felicia” to one customer. (How 2016 of them.)

This bizarre behaviour led many to believe Z Palette was hacked, but as it turns out, it was indeed them posting the comments, and they weren’t even sorry about it.

In an open letter that has since been deleted from Instagram, Z Palette explained how creating the Z Potter was “a very personal journey” so they “take it very personally when people dismiss it, or talk badly about it.”

“Many times we adopt the face of the ‘company’: stoic and implacable in the face of harsh ‘commentary’. Sometimes we do not,” read the letter. “It’s easy to be fearful of the wrath of the customer, or the wrath of the influencer, especially in today’s media fetishized society. But we will stand by our products as we will stand by our customers.”

But it looks as though the wrath of the customer and influencer is indeed something to be fearful of. Since this whole debacle, Z Palette has already been dropped by some beauty retailers, and huge beauty bloggers, like Samantha Ravndahl, have openly spoken out against the brand.

Here’s hoping Z Palette learned their lesson.

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