Your brow bone should look more expensive, according to the Paris Fashion Week runways

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Do you spend enough time in your makeup routine thinking about and devoting attention to your brow bone? Probably not. Aside from a quick swipe of highlighter underneath the arch of your brows, what is there to do? According to the Paris Fashion Week runways, a whole lot.

At Giambattista Valli makeup artist Val Garland used silver glitter to apply a thin line of, uh, glitter, directly underneath models’ brows, thus creating a more subtle version of the glitter-covered brows of the past few seasons. The result seems actually wearable IRL (a real feat for any look involving sparkles on your face).

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At Chanel, Tom Pecheux adorned the models’ lids—all the way up to their brow bones—with quilted-looking eyeshadow to mimic the embossed leather of a 2.55 bag. Very casual.

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Finally, at Sacai black shadow was extended all the way up to the brow bone. Maybe that doesn’t look expensive but it does look mean, and isn’t that the next best thing?

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