Yoga for Olympians (and you, too)

As everyone pours into yoga studios this month to pursue their 2010 resolution to trim down, those who have had enough of the post-holiday crowd should stay home with Eoin Finn’s latest yoga DVD, The Pursuit of Happy Hips ($25, at Lululemon and Chapters. Visit Along with partner Insiya Rasiwala and some past and present Olympic athletes, Finn shows the whole-body benefits of strengthening the hips through the practice of yoga. Focused on preparing the body for the rigours of winter sports, the video is just as beneficial for those who are more likely to curl up on the couch than hit the hill when the snow falls.

Shot against the backdrop of Vancouver, Whistler and Pemberton, an area that will be a focus next month during the Olympics, the DVD contains four routines that range from 25 to 80 minutes. There are also extras, including a clip on knee safety. You can decompress through stretching using the easier routines or get your heart rate up and your muscles burning using the more challenging workouts. Throughout, Finn stresses finding the correct posture, so the aches you feel the next day won’t be coming from your joints.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of Finn’s classes in Vancouver (he also travels to Toronto to teach and holds clinics in exotic spots), you’ll benefit from his enthusiasm. He brings a humour to the practice, which is great for beginners who worry that their shortcomings will stand out among serious yogis, and his playfulness comes through on the DVD too.

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