dry shampoo tips
Photography by Sarjoun Faour

You’ve Been Applying Dry Shampoo All Wrong

You know that meme “by Friday, my hair is 90 per cent dry shampoo”? Yeah, that’s me.

My hair gets really oily, really fast (I’m talking oil appearing by the end of the day), but I don’t really like washing it too often because a) I’m lazy and b) over-washing will make the oil problem even worse. Hence the dry shampoo.

Now I’m not gonna lie, I go through a lot of dry shampoo. But the other day at a launch event (which was at a Beyoncé dance class!!) for Redken’s newly-revamped Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender (available in two shades, clear and brown, in September), I learned about a little trick that would help keep oil at bay for longer, in turn, helping me use less product than I normally do. I was told to treat dry shampoo like an antiperspirant.

redken dry shampoo
Photography by Sarjoun Faour

“Apply it before it gets dirty,” Jorge Joao, Redken International Stylist, told us post-dance class. “[Applying] right out of the shower will it prevent it from getting dirty longer.”

The premise is this: you apply antiperspirant after a shower to prevent sweating, right? Well, same idea goes for your dry shampoo. If you apply on clean hair, it will actively start the oil absorption and extend your grease-free hairstyle.

And that’s not all I learned — Joao says rather than spraying product all over the top of your head (guilty!), start from the bottom a la Drake and work your way up. Once you’ve finished spraying underneath your strands, massage it in before applying to your hair part. You may not even have to apply to the part at all if you use this method. This way it won’t feel so chalky.

The final important tip? Use the product bottle as a guide for the distance you should spray from.

Now excuse me while I put my dry shampoo savings to good use.

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