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The 8 Biggest Waxing Myths Debunked

Bare leg and bikini season is upon us, which means ditching the winter layers and showing some exposed skin during the summer months.

For some of us, this means removing unwanted hair in the form of waxing, whether it be our legs, underarms, bikini line…you name it. However, due to a few common myths, waxing can sometimes get a bad rap in the hair removal world. But not to fret — when done correctly, waxing is a safe and effective form of hair removal that will keep you fuzz-free for up to six weeks.

Still need convincing? We spoke to Jessica Frampton, co-founder of Fuzz Wax Bar, to help bust some of the most common waxing myths.

Myth #1: If you wax, you won’t have ingrowns

“Waxing does not prevent ingrown hairs, but it does prevent other irritations. Ingrowns will occur with any type of hair removal,” says Frampton.

Myth #2: It’s OK to tweeze ingrowns

“I would NEVER recommend picking at ingrowns yourself,” says Frampton, adding that ingrown hairs are hairs trapped between the skin’s surface, which can be easily infected if you start to pluck. If you’re concerned about an ingrown hair, Frampton suggests getting a professional to do an extraction for you (at Fuzz, they used a lancet, which is essentially a needle, to extract any ingrowns).

Myth #3: Waxing will pull your skin and leave you wrinkly

“Skin around the brows and lips are thinner, so they are more prone to visible signs of aging, however, waxing alone will definitely not heavily impact wrinkles,” explains Frampton. “The most common reason for wrinkles is constant exposure to the elements. If you want your skin to be healthy and happy, drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen to keep your skin’s elasticity.”

Myth #4: Your hair needs to be really long in order to be waxed

“Absolutely not! Ideally, it should be a quarter of an inch, but the idea around [this myth] is we would prefer it to be longer than shorter, because you risk not being able to pluck the hair by the root if it’s too short,” says Frampton. “If it’s [longer], then that’s not a problem, we will trim you up!”

Myth #5: Hair grows back thicker after waxing your upper lip

“Again, absolutely not! The hair grows in thinner and finer [when waxing], and that’s with every area of the body.”

Myth #6: You can’t wax on your period

“You can! [If you’re getting a bikini wax] just ensure a tampon is in, and the string is securely tucked in. Just note, you will be extra sensitive.”

Myth #7: You can’t wax when you’re pregnant

“Of course you can,” says Frampton. “Because of the hormonal influxes, you will be a bit more hypersensitive, just like getting a wax around your period.”

Myth #8: Soft wax hurts less than hard wax

“Hard wax doesn’t actually adhere to the skin, only to the hair, which is why we use it on sensitive areas, like full face, underarms and Brazilian,” explains Frampton. “When you’re applying a strip, you’re pulling the skin and the hair, whereas a hard wax is a gel that goes around each hair follicle.”