blue light damage
Photograph courtesy of Volition Beauty

This New Face Mist is Designed to Protect You From Blue Light Damage

Here's why that's important.

Have you ever thought about how much time we spend in front of a screen each day? From our phones to our computers, tablets, laptops and TVs, chances are we’re looking at a screen longer than we’re looking at anything else in our day.

And whilst technology is key to our careers and social lives (for the most part), it’s also causing serious damage to our skin thanks to the emission of blue light. Blue light is a high-energy, short wavelength light that is emitted by the sun and electronics. Its effects include pigmentation, inflammation and photo-aging.

Upon thinking about how much time she spends in front of a screen, influencer and entrepreneur Tezza (who has 795,ooo followers on Instagram) set out to find a product that would protect her skin from the harmful blue light rays. And she came up empty. So, she turned to crowd-sourced beauty brand Volition Beauty (“I have a strong community behind me and wanted them to be a part of the process,” she tells us) to pitch the idea for a hydrating facial mist that not only protected skin from the rays but also worked to nourish it throughout the day.

Enter, Volition Beauty’s Screen Time Hydra Mist.

Photograph courtesy of Volition Beauty

Tezza reached out to Brandy Hoffman, Volition Beauty’s co-founder, in February and when the idea began to gain traction from the brand’s online following, development soon began. “After establishing with Tezza exactly what she envisioned, we then connected with our network of labs to source and create the bi-phase mist to double down on the blue light fighting ingredients in both the water and the oil phase of the formula,” she explains.

As for the formulation, Hoffman says “it contains 12 oils and extracts which give the mist its nourishing and hydrating properties while providing skin with its needed protection.” The hero ingredients, says Hoffman,  are Marigold extract and an “antioxidant pigment called Lutein that naturally absorbs high energy visible (HEV) light, like blue light.” It also contains Indian Ginseng flower extract for replenishing and softening, Vitamin b5 to soothe and moisturize, sunflower extract to hydrate and safflower flower extract to give a little glow.

For Tezza, it was important the mist could be used on the go, and over makeup. The resulting product can “be worn under and over makeup or applied directly on bare skin,” says Hoffman, adding, “We recommend reapplying every couple of hours when exposed to blue light or when skin is in need of refreshing.”


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