The future of nail art: The Virtual Nail Salon app lets you create and upload any design onto your own hand

We’ve all been there—sitting at the nail salon, holding up a manicurist because we’re unable to decide between the midnight blue or dark burgundy. Now there’s an answer! Brought to you by ModiFace, Virtual Nail Salon is, well, just that.

The app, available for both iOS and Android, allows users to realistically see how shades and nail art will look on their own nails. You simply upload a photo of your hand and choose from one of the 500 available shades to virtually try on before you get your next manicure or decide to actually purchase the shade.

What’s even better about the app is that you can actually create your own custom nail art. And if you’re not feeling so creative, you can easily upload a cool photo of say, your fave painting, your cat, or even just a wall colour you like and the app will search it’s database to find a matching shade or texture.

After creating the perfect nail art, you can then upload it onto social media and share with your friends. Or (if you’re artistically challenged) simply store in your database for safe keeping until your next nail appointment. You’re welcome, nail art aficionados!

To download the $2.99 app, visit