Valentine’s Day hair: How to do a romantic, wavy half-updo in less than 15 minutes

Valentines day hair tutorial

Valentine’s Day can bring with it a certain amount of anxiety. Dinner plans, gifts, the right outfit… it can all be overwhelming. Thankfully, blogger Cara McLeay (from A Fashion Love Affair and our very own Style Panel) is as talented with beauty as she is with fashion. To help you check one to-do off your V-Day list, she’s created a video tutorial for a romantic half up-do—and best of all it’s super easy to do.

This romantic half-updo makes use of the XO Styling Iron that McLeay designed in collaboration with Mode. Unlike regular flatirons, its special shape was specifically designed for curling and styling hair. If you’ve never quite figured out how to use your flatiron to make curls, this Valentine’s Day hair tutorial is for you! As for the rest of the look, it’s all about a crown of loose braids that come together in the back, forming a messy, almost rose-shaped bun. We’ve said this before, but we love a messy style because it proves that perfection isn’t always key to great hair. All in, this lovely look should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, giving you lots of time to spend handing out valentines, hanging with your crush or doing whatever you have planned on February 14. The full Valentine’s Day hair tutorial is posted above, enjoy!

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