Vacation envy: Our favourite hairstylists and makeup artists are all in Ibiza this summer

hairstylists makeup artists ibiza charlotte tilbury
Photography via Instagram/ctilburymakeup

Many Europeans take a month off in August. The whole month. That includes some of our favourite runway makeup artists and hairstylists like Charlotte Tilbury and Sam McKnight. In fact, right now many of them are poolside, having dinner al fresco with friends, blowing through a stack of summer reads or hitting the beach. With the exception of a few Instagram posts, they’re off the grid. And as they should be; their lives are glamorous, sure, what with working with celebrities, jetting all over the world, and staying in the very best hotels. But they have pretty gruelling schedules, too, involving crack-of-dawn call times and endless gigs from shooting magazine covers and editorials, to working backstage and promoting the beauty brands they’re heading up.

When it comes time for them to book some much needed R&R, many head to the island of Ibiza. Tilbury grew up there, so she makes the pilgrimage annually. Well-documented workaholic Pat McGrath must have just left there, hence her most recent post. Also there: Eugene Souleiman and Paul Hanlon, the latter sharing the sweetest photos of him with his ridiculously adorable son, Arlo. We hope there isn’t some random natural disaster that strikes the Mediterranean hot spot right now because that would leave so many of our favourite makeup artists and hairstylists stranded before NYFW commences in just few weeks.

Browse the gallery below to see the vacation pics of our favourite artists off-duty in Ibiza.

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