Your Ultimate Guide to K-Beauty (including a nail art tutorial)

Photography via Instagram

Watch our Korean Nail Art Tutorial

We’re in Seoul with Unistella – 유니스텔라 founder and nail artist Park Eunkyung learning how to create her top nail designs (Shattered glass! Bracelet! Hanji paper!)

Want to know the top K-Pop beauty trends? Read about which ones our writer loves here.

If you find the ingredients in skincare hard to understand, check out this glossary to get the DL.

Love bracelet nails? See the prettiest examples in this slideshow.

The brands you need…

And if you thought that cool Korean stuff was limited to beauty and fashion—not so fast. It’s all about the hair products, too. (And a shout-out to men’s skincare.)

Lastly, here’s a guide to everything Seoul with our assistant beauty editor Renée Tse’s diary of her trip to the ultimate Beauty Land.

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