U Beauty body compound treatment
Photography courtesy of U Beauty

U Beauty Drops a Breakthrough Body Exfoliant + More Beauty News

Plus, an update on the Canadian government's commitment to banning cosmetic testing on animals.

U-Beauty launches a game-changing body compound

Photography courtesy of U Beauty

If you’re already a fan of U Beauty’s facial Resurfacing Compound, you’ll be delighted to know that it served as inspiration for the brand’s latest product, The Resurfacing Body Compound. The product is the result of two years of formulation and a staggering ten years of development, during which the breakthrough Siren Capsule technology was created. The result is this one-of-a-kind full-body treatment that exfoliates and aids the skin’s natural desquamation (creating, shedding, and replacing) process. Irregular textures are improved and skin is left feeling silky smooth. Sounds like a self-care staple to us — especially when we can expect to show a little more skin during the upcoming months.

Shiseido’s latest eye concentrate works on under-eyes and lashes

On the market for something that can remedy notoriously difficult-to-fade dark circles under the eye? Shiseido’s Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate is at your service. This brightening serum features Heart Leaf Extract to help promote microcirculation and collagen production. It also reduces the appearance of dark circles. In a survey conducted by the brand, 100% of participants reported that their under-eye wrinkles and fine lines were less visible. What’s more, conditioning fruit extracts work to promote eyelash health and growth, too. Longer lashes and brighter under-eyes? It’s a win-win.

There’s a major animal testing update from the Canadian government

This week, the Canadian government doubled down on its commitment to banning cosmetic testing on animals across the country. The contents of the pending Budget Implementation Act were published in the government’s Notice of Ways and Means Motion. This included measures that will prohibit selling cosmetics that depend on new animal testing data to determine product safety. It will also prohibit false labelling as it pertains to testing cosmetics on animals. These measures are, of course, all in addition to the government’s proposal to ban animal testing for cosmetic products entirely. Wildlife advocates such as the Humane Society International/Canada, the Animal Alliance Canada, and Cruelty Free International have been working alongside the government for years to champion this cause. And so have cosmetic companies like Lush Cosmetics and The Body Shop. Since 1989, The Body Shop has been fighting to ban worldwide animal testing through admirable initiatives such as their global Forever Against Animal Testing campaign. With the introduction of this legislation, these brands officially become part of the team that contributed to this change in Canadian laws.

Laboratoire Dr Renaud drops a volumizing serum

Photography courtesy of Laboratoire Dr Renaud

This week, Quebec-based beauty brand Laboratoire Dr Renaud dropped an impressive new serum designed to smooth wrinkles and fine lines while simultaneously boosting hydration in the skin. And it’s all thanks to the introduction of an exclusive complex made up of four types of hyaluronic acid within its Innovhyal HA formulation. The INNOVHYALHA Volumizing HydraSerum utilizes this hyaluronic acid blend — which is intensified by niacinamide, ceramides, and skin-replenishing polysaccharides — to reduce signs of ageing (like wrinkles and lack of volume) that can stem from low levels of hyaluronic acid and dehydration in the skin. After use, you’re bound to be left with a plump, smooth, and more hydrated new complexion.

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