Types of contouring
Photography via Refinery29.com

15 insane types of contouring you need to see to believe

When Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, first revealed the epic makeup routine behind her perfectly defined features, women started amping up their beauty routine. Contouring, which has been used as a part of theatre makeup for ages, quickly became mainstream.

Spinoffs like clown and henna contouring have emerged on social media, as artists are getting more and more creative with their brushes. Another trend, baking, isn’t quite the same as contouring but uses similar principles of light. Makeup is placed on the skin to “bake” from the natural heat of the body and is then blended in to create a matte finish.

Seeing what these techniques can do for skin, women have started to move south and are starting to apply the same contour principles to all areas of the body. Lip contouring has been a go-to technique for years (Marilyn Monroe used five different shades) but now more and more women are paying attention to resizing their pout. Body and hair contouring have even been added to the mix.

Tontouring is another part of the contouring family. Similar to the classic contouring technique, this one takes very little time and it lasts for about a week, as it uses self-tanner to contour. Just be careful as it doesn’t scrub off as easily as a misplaced brush stroke of bronzer.

But with all this contouring happening, a bit of a beauty backlash was bound to happen; enter: strobing. Instead of using dark shadows and shading to angle ones face, highlighters are applied to attract light and help it bounce off the face creating a healthy and more natural glow.

We’ve rounded up all the different types of contouring (and anti-contouring) to aid in your quest for the ultimate beauty routine.