Toe Nail Art is a Thing Again—But It’s Not Tacky This Time Around

Disclaimer: turn away now if you hate feet.

Move over, fingertips. There’s a new guy in town.

Back in our tween years, toe nail art was a huge thing. Along with a mani-pedi, you’d be treated to a flower design on your big toe, maybe featuring a rhinestone glued onto the centre, and definitely featuring glitter—somewhere, somehow. As we got older, the big toe flower got a bad reputation.

But now toe nail are is back and it’s totally grown up. When world-famous nail artist Park Eunkyung of Unistella hops on board, you know this is a trend worth trying.

We’ve rounded up some of the coolest toe nail art on Instagram below. Tweet us @fashioncanada and let us know how you feel about this comeback.

#toes on a Tuesday ?swipe to see the #nails too ?? @nastini_nogti #nailart #notd #toenailart #nailsmagazine

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한게 아까워서 이거라도 . 캐나다잘댕기와 ❤️ @ryujimin220 #tileartnail ##Ihavetileonmyfoot?

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