Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore: 10 times the trend wowed us

temporary tattoo trend

The promise of tank tops and cut offs has us thinking about decorating our limbs with temporary tats like Beyoncé in the Feelin’ Myself video.  Truthfully, faux ink has been a bit of an obsession since Cara Delevingne’s bod was a sandwich board at the 2015 Met Gala for the beautiful handiwork of Keith Bang Bang McCurdy, the man responsible for her (real) lion finger tattoo.

For those of us who want to partake in the trend, but don’t have 12 hours to paint a cherry blossom mural on our arms and chest, stick-on temporary tattoos are the answer. Beyoncé has been into Flash Tattoos for a while. Lulu Dk is another celeb favourite. After a quick Google search, we also found brands that offer non-metallic options and offbeat designs (in case a banana wearing sunglasses is your thing). There’s TattlyTattyoo (these are made in Switzerland, so quality), Tattify, and a short but sweet collection over at Sara M. Lyons.

It’s commitment-free beauty at its finest. Because getting a real one and then regretting it (#winoforever) means laser removal is the only escape, and as cool as the process looks, we’d rather wash ours off.

Check out our favourite red carpet and runway examples of the temporary tattoo trend.