Hair Colour That’s Helping the Environment

Heading to the salon for a colour sesh has its perks (ahem scalp massage), but for those looking for a greener, less fumy experience, the latest options are still mostly for at-home use. French colour master Christophe Robin’s Temporary Color Gel covers greys and is made from 92 to 98 per cent natural-origin ingredients (such as protein-rich oat flakes) and synthetic pigments to coat strands without altering hair’s structure. “The idea here was to really come back to a notion of freedom and comfort, meaning that you can stop whenever you want without having roots since the gel fades in five to seven shampoos,” says Robin.

Meanwhile, the shampoos and conditioners in the Davines Alchemic Collection, which are made with 97 per cent biodegradable ingredients, nourish hair and blanket it in pigment for upkeep between salon visits. For something more permanent, Herbatint offers 30 shades containing eight organic ingredients like Chinese rhubarb to amplify tones. Both brands are certified B Corporations, which means they incorporate social and environment­al betterment into their business plans, so you can toss your freshly tinted hair over your shoulder with vim because your purchase made a difference.